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Listen to the full interview with State Representative Dustin Burrows above.

What are Republican House members of the Texas Legislature doing while House Democrats are in Washington, D.C.? Talking and strategizing. That according to Chairman Dustin Burrows is how Republicans are spending their days while under a call of the House.

Burrows spoke on The Chad Hasty Show Thursday afternoon about the current state of the legislative session with House Democrats breaking quorum and staying in Washington, D.C. Burrows said that lawmakers on the Republican side are making plans and getting ready to get to work if and when a quorum is present.

For Burrows, it's just a matter of time until Republicans pass voter integrity legislation and other legislation called for by the Governor.

We've got the votes to pass the bills today, tomorrow, next month, the month after that, it's just a matter time.

Burrows said the stunt pulled by the Democrats is insulting to Texas voters who expect elected officials to stay and fight. Burrows told The Chad Hasty Show that it's just a matter of time before Democrats return to Austin and that some of the wiser heads in the Democrat caucus understand they have no exit strategy.

Burrows also said that lawmakers should look into Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick's idea of reforming the quorum rules to be a majority plus one.

During the interview, Burrows also addressed other special session agenda items like the 13th check for Texas retired teachers, extra money for the foster care system and more. Listen to the full interview with State Rep. Dustin Burrows above.

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