Yesterday, an Amarillo Bureau of Land Management (BLM) employee pleaded guilty to a federal charge brought against him. 38 year-old Peter J. Madrid III was accused of making a threat against a federal employee. Madrid faces a maximum sentence of one year in prison and a $100,000 fine. Sentencing will be carried out at a later date.

According to the Department of Justice, Madrid, an engineer with the BLM, threatened to assault and murder another BLM employee with the intent to retaliate against him for the performance of his official duties.

In July 2012, two BLM employees advised the FBI that Madrid was talking about killing them and other BLM employees and they feared Madrid would follow through on his statements.  One of the employees said that when Madrid first started working at BLM, Madrid told this employee that he suspected another BLM employee was stalking him and following him to work.  Madrid told the employee that he was going to run him that employee off the road, pull him out of the car, and beat him.