Bob Costas appeared today on The Dan Patrick Show which airs on KFYO's sister station 1340AM The FAN and tried to clarify his comments about gun use. In my opinion, he didn't help himself. According to Dan Patrick's website:

Costas said he wished he could have had a more in-depht conversation on several topics: “A discussion should ensue about the football culture, the gun culture, domestic violence … those issues should be discussed if we’re looking for some kind of elusive perspective.”


Costas said it’s “beyond absurd” to suggest everyone we disagree with should be fired. And he said the people who disagree with him are the ones who are saying he used the wrong platform, talking at halftime.


Costas clarified he doesn’t want to see the second amendment repealed. He thinks people should be able to have guns for protection or hunting. But he feels the proliferation of guns is the problem and people shouldn’t be able to collect too many guns and people don’t need semi-automatic weapons.


Costas said he was trying to talk about gun culture. “Among young people, there seems to be too cavalier an attitude toward gun,” Costas said.

So now Costas just wants to limit how many guns people can have? NBC should tell Costas to stop talking because he isn't helping himself at all. Of course, NBC probably agrees with Costas so I don't see them slapping him down anytime soon.

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