Bird electric scooters have shown up around Texas Tech and Tech Terrence. They are a convenient way to get around, especially for students that have to walk Texas Tech's beautiful, albeit sprawling, campus.

To utilize a Bird scooter, you need to download the app. The app will even tell you where the closest scooter is available. The scooters cost around a $1 to unlock and about .15 per minute to ride. The company is providing for what they call the 'last mile' of transportation needs, and hopes that their rechargeable scooters will help unclog traffic congestion and also help the environment by cutting down on gas emissions.

On the Bird scooter website, the company clearly asks users not to leave the scooters on sidewalks. When left on sidewalks, the scooter impede pedestrian traffic, which may not seems like a big deal, but for people with limited mobility or who are wheelchair bound, it becomes a huge obstacle.

I think the scooters are a brilliant solution to traffic on and near the Tech campus. I just really hope folks will use them in a courteous manner, if not we may lose them to city ordinances. 

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