Best Places to Take Dad on Father’s Day in Lubbock - Our Top Five

Father’s day is the one day of the year when dad gets exactly what he wants. He can be lazy and lay around on the couch all day, he can go along with whatever his family wants to do or he can have the day his way. We suggest letting the old man having his own day and getting his own way. There are plenty of places that you can suggest and sway him to go to though. Here is our list of the 5 best places to take dad on Father’s Day here in Lubbock.



It’s delightfully tacky and a good hearted atmosphere for every dad in the world. Hooters is the one place dad can cut loose and not worry about mom and what she would say every other day in the year. Dad can munch on some world famous wings, gourmet hotdogs, burger or anything and everything else on the menu. You really can’t go wrong with what is on the menu. Dad also gets to spend time with the family and see cute waitresses walking around. They love to flirt and dad will probably flirt his heart out on his big day. You never know, mom may get in on the action too!



If low cut shirts, short shorts and leg warmers are not your dad’s favorite thing, then head over to Rudy’s Country Store and BBQ. Rudy’s has some of the finest eats this side of the Mississippi and he can really let himself go as he can order his BBQ by the pound if he wants to. Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, Sausage and everything in between can be found waiting at Rudy’s. Dad will melt like butter when he walks in on Father’s Day and takes a whiff of the great eats they have slow cooking and smoking that day. It’s what I would imagine heaven to smell like. Top that off with potato salad, corn, beans or new potatoes and finish it off with a dessert. I suggest the Banana Pudding. Take dad out for some of the finest BBQ Lubbock has to offer on his big day.



If BBQ or wings and girls aren’t on the menu for dad then take him out for some of the freshest and best prepared seafood that he has ever had. Take dad to Rockfish this Father’s Day and let him go crazy on the catches of the day and the best seafood selection here in Lubbock. Dad can enjoy the always fresh fish at Rockfish including Mahi Mahi, Alaskan Trout, Ahi Tuna, Salmon and Tilapia. It’s always busy at Rockfish so make sure you get dad up and out of the house early for lunch or dinner. Treat dad to some of the best bread pudding after his feast of fish. I’d order the bread pudding for my own meal if it was acceptable. Just let dad roll with the punches at Rockfish for the best Father’s Day meal he has had.


Gander Mtn.

Father’s Day doesn’t have to all be about a meal for dad on his big day, he might enjoy taking in some dad time at Gander Mtn. Gander Mtn. offers the biggest and best selection of outdoor supplies for the outdoors dad at heart. Dad can get roam the isles of Gander Mtn. like a kid in a candy store. If you go as a family, don’t be surprised to see the roles reversed as dad runs off and the kids stay together in search of dad. The family might find dad checking out the wide selection of firearms and archery products, fly fishing shop, camping supplies and everything he would need for a river trip. The time could easily fly while at Gander Mtn. but dad will feel like time is standing still. Enjoy lunch but make sure dad gets some quality time at Gander this Father’s Day.



The best place you could take dad on Father’s Day would be to Hillcrest Country Club to sign him up for a membership and give him a new home away from home. You and dad could be hitting the links and spending quality time together while enjoying the beautiful layout and well-kept scenery of Hillcrest. Hillcrest isn’t just about the golf though, dad can enjoying their tennis courts and lessons, dining hall and the pool for family outings. Plus, should you get this for dad, he will shower you with the best anniversary, birthday, Christmas or just because gifts you could think of. Imagine it to be the gift that keeps on giving for Father’s Day. Take dad out to the course or courts for Father’s Day this year and be his hero for years to come.

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