This is one of those stories you really need to see to believe. So it's a good thing we've got photographic proof.

Over the weekend, a Lubbock baby was on the loose in a living room while his parents were hanging some photos on the wall. "[The nail] was in a cup on a side table, because we had our living room painted," explained the baby's father, adding: "We were in the process of putting back up our wall decorations."

OK, so it wasn't a rusty nail in an alleyway. Good news?

The dad continued: "The little sneak just started pulling up, so he pulled up, grabbed the cup, and spilled all the nails." Dang, babies! "We got all of [the nails]. Except the one, obviously." I'll say!

After a scary night in the Emergency Room and an X-ray that will last forever, the baby shot the nail into his diaper like a Hitachi Nail Gun.

This is a bit of good news-bad news scenario for parents, right? Bad news: Your son just ate a nail. Good news: Your son has the belly of a demigod and can eat lightning and crap thunder...or nails.

Chances are, if you're a parent you've had an experience like this. Kids are AMAZING at finding unique ways of getting into danger. My stepson once got a quarter lodged into his windpipe (don't ask me why, because I don't know). Luckily, I learned the getting it from my dad as a kid.

The worst thing that ended up happening was the quarter flew out, along with puke, onto our chihuahua, Pickles.

Good thing kids tend to bounce, right?

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