One thing every city has is bad drivers, careless drivers, and those who just don't care. Lubbock is no exception. After living in Dallas for almost a decade, I thought drivers in Lubbock would be better than the ones in the big cities. Boy, was I wrong.

With the number of not-so-great drivers on the road in Lubbock, I decided it would be a good idea to install a dash-cam in my truck. And every now and then, I catch something that just "drives" me up the wall.

In today's installment of Bad Drivers of Lubbock, a guy in a mid-80s Chevrolet Pickup decides to sit in the middle of Indiana Avenue until it's convenient for him to turn.

I guess he was not in the mood to be patient. It was raining, slick and he could have caused a nasty accident. So to the guy in the older red and white Chevrolet pick-up, you win the Bad Driver of Lubbock award for this week!

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