I am a big fan of the Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan so when I heard that Amazon was going to make a series with them, I was excited. My personal favorite of the fourteen-book series is The Eye of the World, which is his first book. Amazon recently took this the Eye of the World and turned it into the first season of the Wheel of Time, and it was not good.  

If it was just that it was not enough like the book, or just a few dramatic liberties, I could probably forgive them. This was a complete change of the major story. They were trying to be more woke and inclusive in a series that was pretty woke as it was written. They added drama in places that did not need it and took away the climaxes that were important to the story. The worst thing though, was that the story that they told did not make sense. 

My wife has never read one of the Wheel of Time books, and I had to explain the story as we went along because she could not understand what was happening. There is no explanation of the main characters, there is no explanation of how they get there, and there is no character development, so it is hard to even care what happens to them. 

I have read some good reviews on the imdb page, but I disagree with them. If you have read the Wheel of Time series, it is a terrible version of a wonderful story. If you have never read The Wheel of Time and wonder what it is about, do not watch the Amazon version. Buy or borrow book one, the Eye of the World and get the real story. Then again, if you start reading them, then you may not stop for fourteen books. Just a warning. 


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