The 54th Masked Rider assumed the reins of Fearless Champion at a ceremony on the Texas Tech Campus Friday, along with the unmasking of three Raider Reds.

Mackenzie White passed the reins to Rachel McLelland, a junior from Jiveras, New Mexico.

"Spending a year as the Masked Rider has been a life-changing experience for me,” said the outgoing White.

McLelland, who is a pre-med student majoring in anthropology, told Tech that she plans to study abroad in London next summer before her May 2017 graduation. She plans on entering medical school to study orthopedic surgery.

The three outgoing Raider Reds have now been revealed to be Cody Lancaster, a senior from May, Texas; Carson Roye, a senior from Waxahachie, Texas; and Zachary Fisher, a senior from Sunnyvale, Texas.

The two new Raider Reds will be revealed when they leave the mascot behind.