We are in the peak of my favorite time of year and that is in the middle of spooky season. I have loved Halloween and Dia de los Muertos for as long as I can remember always feeling like the long lost cousin of the Addam's Family. I even remember going to Mexico as a child for family funerals and seeing my great grandparents giant tombstones and feeling a sense of love and care.

Before parks were a thing many people hung out in graveyards/cemeteries and would have picnics and enjoy nature that was available. Once parks became the norm many people would only visit graveyards to pay their respects to their loved ones and celebrate special occasions with them. One of those occasions in my culture is Dia de los Muertos where families spend days in cemeteries honoring their loved ones. Many of those ways to honor families was by bringing favorite foods, sugar skulls, candles and marigolds.

Cemeteries seem to be making a come back as a popular trend is back for a second year in a row. The popular trend of carving a pumpkin and dressing up and taking photos while wearing that carved pumpkin on your head is back and I figured I would ask people to take it one step further. Do that trend while in a cemetery. Of course you would need to adhere to the cemetery rules that are present. Many cemeteries don't allow people to be present from dusk to dawn and some don't even allow alcohol, which I don't think you would need for a fall themed photoshoot. If the thought of wearing a pumpkin on your head isn't your thing then why not still take those fall themed photos in the cemetery minus the pumpkin.

I am suggesting that you clean up after yourself, watch where you step, and don't sit on any tombstones because that is just plain disrespectful. Many of these beautiful cemeteries are kept in those conditions because of the hard workers and we should make sure we help while honoring everyone that is in their eternal deep sleep.

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