Vandalizing a cemetery? Really, folks?

It was reported that there was a bit of vandalism at the City of Lubbock cemetery over Christmas weekend.  A number of gravestones were overturned, smashed and just destroyed.

Cemetery officials are going to take steps to prevent this type of crime in the future with cameras and other security measures.

Now, it's my turn to rant a bit. My first thought was, 'what is wrong with people?'

The city cemetery has been a popular target for vandals for years, but I have to ask the question, why? And will additional security measures really keep these fools from doing this again? Who knows, but my guess is no, it won’t.

This is a final resting place for those who were our friends, family, heroes, and even famous folks. So, with this being said, why are people doing this? What kind of kick does someone get out of doing this? Are the offenders so miserable that they have to resort to the destruction of some other persons resting place?

Our deceased loved ones should be able to rest in peace and their families should be able to visit without having their memories shattered because of a ignorant act.

Of course, if you have any information on this crime, please call the Lubbock Crime Line at 741-1000.