With Christmas approaching, my daughter is visiting and we had to take a tour of the Texas Tech Carol of Lights. We were able to make a full sweep of the circle and capture it on video.

If you haven't seen them, you'll feel almost like you're there by watching the video above. Enjoy some Christmas music and tour the lights with us.

There are over 25,000 Christmas lights displayed on the Texas Tech Campus for the Carol of Lights. It's an amazing and beautiful sight!

This is the 58th Annual Carol of Lights, and you can watch them come on at dusk every night through the Christmas season. On Friday, December 2, all of the lights were lit for the first time this year. Buildings around Memorial Circle, the Engineering Key and the Broadway Entrance to the campus are illuminated.

This huge, must-see event which stretches across 18 Texas Tech University buildings is full of traditions.

It takes more than a month of daily dedicated work to secure all of the more than 25,000 lights.

One hundred percent of the bulbs are now LED (as of 2014), with an estimated energy consumption reduction of 84 percent. This includes the 38-foot tree and five-foot star.