Republican Party

Matt Mackowiak
Matt Mackowiak on The Chad Hasty Show talking about the state of the Republican party and conservatism, the Donald Trump campaign, and where the race for the White House is headed.
Carl Tepper
Carl Tepper on The Chad Hasty Show, talking about the Mighty Texas Strike Force conservative campaign organization and how citizens can get involved in the effort to help Republicans win the upcoming elections, including the White House.
Sondra Ziegler
Sondra Ziegler on The Chad Hasty Show explaining her reasons for opposing Donald Trump to be the Republican Party nominee for President.
Brian Thornton
Brian Thornton on The Chad Hasty Show talking about the processes for amendments to the Republican Party platform.
Presidential Debate
Donald Trump continues to hold the lead position with the next Republican Presidential Debate scheduled for November 10
Trump In to Stay
Chad Hasty analyzes the latest in the GOP presidential poll numbers and the fight for the Republican nomination.
Neugebauer on Reelection
Representative Randy Neugebauer and Chad Hasty discuss the Iranian Nuclear Agreement, the overall direction of the G.O.P. and angst in the Republican party and it’s voters.

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