health care

Too Mean?
President Trump is reportedly not too thrilled with the House health care plan that he celebrated in the Rose Garden.
Abbott's Successes
Matt Mackowiak on The Chad Hasty Show talking about the ongoing battles in Washington over health care reform, and the anti-sanctuary cities legislation newly signed into law by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.
Trump's Frustration With GOP
District 19 Representative Jodey Arrington on The Chad Hasty Show sharing why he believes the GOP plan for health care reform will work, and responding to President Trump's frustration with Republicans on the issue.
Health Care Roadblock?
A CBO report says millions of Americans could lose insurance under the GOP plan, what they won't say is that number is driven by those who will simply not sign up.
A Tough Sell
The White House and House Leadership spent the weekend attempting to get conservatives on board with their health care plan. Expect more of the same this week.
Art of the Deal?
The President is getting his hands dirty by negotiating with Republicans and Conservatives over the Republican health care bill.

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