Jurors have decided the fate of a man who was found guilty of murder in the death of an Arlington pastor. Steven Nelson has been sentenced to death for the murder of Reverend Clint Dobson.

The jury took a little more than hour of deliberation to decide between the death penalty or life in prison without parole. Nelson wound found guilty on October 2nd after an hour of deliberation by the same jury which sentenced him to die.

Dobson was the pastor of North Pointe Baptist Church until his death in 2011. A joint statement from North Pointe and First Baptist Church of Arlington on the decision today saying,

"This trial has been conducted with an incredible level of professionalism and integrity. A jury comprised of members from our community has reached a verdict based on evidence presented in a court of law. We now can confidently say that justice has been served and we will support the decision of this court.

We also want our community to know that Clint Dobson did not die in vain. His life was given courageously in service to the Lord Jesus Christ. The crown of life will be his forever in eternity. The testimony of his life continues to bear fruit in the lives of countless people who continue to benefit from his commitment to Christ."

Nelson was a convicted felon before he murdered Dobson and witnesses testified that Nelson was committed to a life of crime from