On the Tuesday edition of The Chad Hasty Show, state senator Dr. Donna Campbell spoke with Chad Hasty about Senate Bill 1, the Texas abortion bill and gave a woman's perspective on the issue.

Senate Bill 1, formerly known as Senate Bill 5, will be the major issue of contention during the second special session of the Texas legislature. The bill aims to not only improve the standards of abortion clinics, but to also ban abortions after 5 months of pregnancy.

Campbell said that current state law allows abortions as far into pregnancy as 7 months. However, it has been documented proven that a baby can live outside the womb after 5 months, and this this bill would help to protect not just the unborn child, but also the health of the mother.

"What we're trying to do is protect the lives of the unborn...babies born after the 5th month are much more developed. As I said, they can live outside of the womb just a little over 5 months. And there are more complications with a woman having an abortion in late term than they are much earlier."

Senator Campbell also addressed the misconception that the bill would somehow ban all abortion clinics in Texas. She explained that the only reason a clinic would close under this bill is if the clinics "chose money over women's health" and refused to meet the improved standards set out by the bill.

Campbell also criticized opponents of the bill, arguing that the claim to not want the government interfering in a "woman's choice," yet they turn right around and ask for government to fund that choice.

You can keep up with Senator Campbell by following her on Twitter: @DonnaCampbellTX.

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