On the Monday edition of The Chad Hasty Show State Rep. Steve Toth talked with Chad Hasty about his efforts to pass the Firearms Protection Act.

After the state of Wyoming proposed a firearms protection act, Toth decided to file a similar act in the state of Texas. Toth says when the bill passes, it will make it so any federal official who tries to take guns away in the state of Texas would be subject to prosecution (Story). Toth says this act is a means of preventing President Obama from enacting an executive order for gun control.

"We've got an administration in Washington that is just executive order-happy. They are blowing off the Constitution, they're blowing off our rights, especially our 10th Amendment rights, and are subjecting the states to not even legislation, but edicts by the king."

Although the bill is primarily a defense against an executive order, Toth said it would not cover federal overreach, since it would be trumped by the Supremacy Clause. Right now, the bill is being reviewed by lawyers to make sure the bill is "airtight," before he brings the bill before the House.