Is it okay to say that I like how some places are doing business?

I've been very trepidatious about going inside a business since this whole coronavirus thing started. I did venture out to see a friend at Lone Star Shootings Sports and I was impressed with how easy and how well done safety can be done. Now, keep in mind that I'm not trying to give the guys a plug; I'm trying to show that being a good human and a good businessman isn't that hard.

When you walked in the door, they take your temperature. This is essential, but it also gives you someone to greet you and direct you to what you need. There's also a hand sanitizer station (probably more than one) set up. There are blue tape marks on the floor so that folks can respectfully keep their distance. When you're asked to enter information on an iPad or computer, everything is sanitized right in front of you. In addition, the protective eyewear and headphones were sanitized.

I'm sure there were more coronavirus safety features in place, but as I said, I didn't want to even single out the great job these folks are doing. I wanted to point out that there are a lot of businesses out there doing things the right way. Still, thanks to the guys at Lone Star Shooting Sports for making me feel like it's okay to be in a store again.

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