Before you get your tinfoil hats on, yes, smart meters are coming to LP&L customers. But you will have a choice.

The Lubbock Electric Utility Board went through the first vote to approve the new meters, which will start rolling out in the next 18 months with completion by April 2020.

Of course, people are worried about health and safety issues, along with personal data, all of which LP&L say should not be a concern since the meters do not have any data other than electric usage on them. The meters produce less RF emissions than your cell phone.

Will this cause a rate increase? According to LP&L, no, it will not. So far, so good!

And what if you don't want a smart meter? Well, you can keep the old one and have someone read it. No mention if there will be a fee for that.

The resolution now goes to the City Council for a vote in mid-June.

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