Soon the City of Lubbock will be looking at options for the Godeke Library. The current location has been a hit, but it does cost more than what some are wanting to pay. Currently the Godeke Library is located at 6707 Slide Road and the City is paying $25,000 per month for the space. So where is the City looking to move the library? According to KFYO News:

The potential location on 50th Street is currently owned by Platinum Bank, and the building’s purchase price would be $850,000, lower than the Lubbock Central Appraisal District’s valuation of $970,000.

“I believe this is a great location,” said Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson. “It’s on a heavily traveled road in a well-known area, and it’s located on a bus route.

The City estimates that if the Lubbock City Council chooses to purchase the building following the feasibility study, savings would be realized in about three years.

What do you think the City of Lubbock should do? Let the Godeke Library stay where it is or move it? Let us know in today's KFYO Poll of the Day.