On Sunday's edition of the Did You Know Show, representative Charles Perry spoke with Ysidro Gutierrez and callers about a variety of issues, including gun legislation, Syria, education, and other topics.

Perry talked about the passing of campus carry for those licensed individuals who wish to carry concealed weapons on campus, through SP 299.

Although Perry cannot vote as a representative on the issue of Syria, he stated his views: "I believe we have a moral and a righteous justifiable position to protect those that are being killed innocently with Syrian gas... I do think you have to ask, '[A]re we positioned as a country, because of our weakened military state... I'm afraid that if we go in under that state, we'd lose a lot of our guys. We're not ready for a battle."

Regarding education, Perry explained HP 5, which offers 5 options to students to pursue certain career paths in high school, rather than leaving higher education as the only option to advance those skills. He hopes this will reduce drop-out rates and increase employment of younger people. He noted that vouchers were up in session nearly the entire way through, though "fizzled out" because there is not a clear definition of what a voucher program would look like.

Perry also spoke fondly of the Water Initiative, a $2 billion constitutional amendment that will be up in November that will work to develop more resources. He stated, "our challenge is to make sure the money goes to water infrastructure... it can't be public service announcements and it can't be politicized."

You can listen to the full interview here:

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