Good job officers! These are the drug busts we love to see in Texas.

Someone over in China was trying to sneak one past border patrol, but they didn't make it. A package labeled as printer ink arrived at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport and a canine unit alerted that the containers may contain narcotics. A test was done on the substance inside the bottles and came back positive for liquid methamphetamine. The package had in total just over sixty-five pounds of the narcotic.

Authorities say the drugs are worth around $297,000, so a very big drug bust here in Texas. “Intercepting illegal drugs from entering our country is a top priority for Customs and Border Protection,” said Dallas Area Port Director Cleatus P. Hunt, Jr. “CBP officers targeted and seized a large number of dangerous narcotics, preventing those drugs from ending up in the hands of our community.”

Glad to see this meth off the streets before it even got to the wrong people. The Department of Homeland Security is currently investigating the incident.

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