Today both the prosecution and defense rested in the highly politicized Zimmerman trial.

I am no psychic, so though I have my suspicion, I cannot say if the jury will find him guilty or innocent.

I can say with some certainty of experience that the large lynch mob that decided the man was guilty the moment the liberal media labeled him a “White” Hispanic will only accept a Guilty ruling.

To these type of people, the true racists, a man they label as “white” must be found guilty for the death of a black man, regardless of the facts.

They have no use for facts and no respect for the rule of law.

And I would bet, that if the tables were turned, and Martin beat Zimmerman to death, or shot him with his own gun, they would be screaming just as loud that Martin was just defending himself.

The only thing these people see is color, and they justify themselves with a twisted sense of “get whitey back” for slavery.

Never mind that slavery in the US was started by a black man suing for the right to own another, and that the vast majority of African slaves were placed into bondage by other Africans.

But as we already addressed, these are the true racists of modern America, and all they can see is color, and all they care about is punishing those they see as ‘white’ for the crime of being born with light skin.

Andrew Montalvo is a KFYO Talkshow Producer.  Let him know what you think in the comments below.