The Trump campaign is reportedly not completely set on what immigration policy would look like under a President Trump. According to POLITICO, Trump is denying reports that he is flip-flopping on deporting those in the country illegally. However, his language does seem to be changing as he told FOX News that any policy would be fair but firm according to POLITICO.

“We have to be very firm. We have to be very, very strong when people come in illegally,” Trump told “Fox & Friends.” “We have a lot of people that want to come in through the legal process and it's not fair for them. And we're working with a lot of people in the Hispanic community to try and come up with an answer."

Co-host Steve Doocy later pressed, "So you're not flip-flopping?"

"No, I'm not flip-flopping,” Trump responded. “We want to come up with one a really fair, but firm answer. That's — it has to be very firm. But we want to come up with something fair.”

Trump’s campaign has ratcheted up its outreach to minority groups, with the billionaire meeting on Saturday with a group of Hispanic leaders in Manhattan. He had been expected to deliver a major speech on immigration in Colorado on Thursday, but reports emerged Monday afternoon that the speech had been postponed without explanation.

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