The brand new entertainment venue has been opened in Austin, and University of Texas Minister of Culture Matthew McConaughey was on hand to "bless the mood."

The Moody Center is an elaborate concert hall in Austin that the UT basketball programs will also just happen to play basketball in.

To be fair, it looks amazing. As with anything in Austin though, it's not really about the basketball teams.

McConaughey stole the show at the opening press conference for the Moody Center, saying it was time to bless the mood, his abbreviation for the two-syllable Moody that's entirely too difficult to say.

I lost count of how many times McConaughey said "bless the mood," but it certainly reached double digits during the singing portion of the presser, where UT's MOC was begging people in attendance to join him while he was singing "bless the mood."

Nobody was into it...except for Chris Beard.

For some reason, nobody was joining in with McConaughey as he was blessing the mood.

Aspects of the basketball arena are really cool, like the video board retracting into the ceiling to make it better for concerts. Check it out:

You can see the soundboards covering the upper deck in this photo to make it better for concerts.

Here's one of the premium bar areas in the new Moody Center, again to make it better for concerts.

What I'm saying is, I'd really like to go to a concert at the Moody Center.

I would definitely Bless the Mood.

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