On the Tuesday edition of the Chad Hasty Show, Malachi Boyuls,  Republican candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner, offered an overview of his thoughts and methods regarding the Commission, as well as characteristics that he hopes will gain him the position.

Boyuls, based out of Dallas, is an oil and gas investor and former regulatory attorney. Boyuls stated his excitement about energy and using it to positively affect the economy in Texas, helping the state to play its national role. Boyuls noted that what sets him apart from other candidates is his current activity with the oil and gas industry.

Boyuls said he has an understanding of the way the market works and the impact regulation has on businesses. He has experience with “fighting the federal government on behalf of the free market.”

He noted that the unique perspective of oil and gas companies in Texas is that they understand the need for regulation, whether they are over-regulated or not. He supports the need of investors for clearly outlined and predictable laws and regulations.

Boyuls stated that he is “focused on the business side and the finance side of oil and gas. What that allows me is a unique perspective in understanding the role the government plays in the economy and creating jobs, in the oil and gas industry specifically.”

More information can be found about Malachi Boyuls at MalachiforTexas.com

Mobile/Download Link: Malachi Boyuls on Chad Hasty Show August 6, 2013