In the wake of Lubbock Mayor Glen Robertson undergoing heart surgery on Tuesday, Mayor Pro Tem Karen Gibson (pictured) has now assumed the duties of mayor.

Mayor Pro Tem Gibson represents City Council District 5 and was elected Mayor Pro Tem by her fellow council members in May.

Today, Mayor Pro Tem Gibson said city business will continue without as usual, "Both the City Charter and the City’s Continuity of Operations Plan lay out the City Council’s line of succession.  The Mayor Pro Tem assumes the responsibilities of the mayor, if the mayor is unable to perform the duties of the office.  As Mayor Pro Tem, chosen by my fellow Council members, I am ready to fulfill this role until Mayor Robertson is able to return."

Mayor Pro Tem Gibson will chair next Thursday's city council meeting, "Next week’s City Council meeting has several high profile items on the agenda, including synthetic marijuana.  The other Council members and I will continue to put the work and effort into these subjects that we have in the past," Gibson said. "My hope is that I am able to meet with Mayor Robertson before next week’s Council meeting to discuss his thoughts on the agenda, but right now, the most important thing for him is to get better.  We all wish him a speedy recovery."

Karen Robertson (pictured, right, with her husband), Mayor Robertson's wife, thanked Lubbock for their concerns about her husband's health, "We thank everyone in Lubbock for their continued support and prayers.  Glen looks good and is resting comfortably.  We hope to see him home as soon as possible.”

Glen Robertson was elected to the office of mayor in May of last year.