Wednesday on The Chad Hasty Show, Jodey Arrington, candidate in the run-off election for District 19 U.S. Representative, joined Chad in the KFYO studio to talk about issues in the campaign.

Arrington and Hasty covered a number of subjects, among them were Arrington's recent endorsement by former Governor of Texas Rick Perry, the issue of religious freedom bills being debated in many locations around the nation, the recent Texas Tech University District 19 forum and the fight against Islamic extremist terrorism.

The candidate discussed controversial 'religious freedom' laws that are currently being debated in numerous states.

"Well, I'm a strong believer in our fundamental rights, the First Amendment, our religious liberty being at the top of that list," said Arrington. "The reason these things are coming out is because our federal government and mainly our Supreme Court justices have violated the Constitution and the 10th Amendment."

Arrington continued: "Marriage policies were supposed to be reserved for the state. And that's just one of many social issues that have been, where we've seen a constitutional breech, mainly the 10th Amendment, again, reserving those rights to the states and the people. And because they have pierced that veil, inappropriately, now you have to find some way to manage the tension between this new law on same sex marriage, and people's religious convictions, their faith convictions. And I come down on the side of protecting the faith convictions."

Listen to the entire interview with Jodey Arrington in the video above.

You may find more information about Jodey Arrington on his campaign website.

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