Your Memorial Day cookout might cost a little more than last year.

Prices on just about EVERYTHING are up across the board, and items to toss on the grill are no exception.

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"Consumer Affairs" looked at how much seven barbecue staples cost now compared to 2023, and it's a 10% bump. $27.39 a year ago, and $30.18 now. By the way, 10% is quite the increase for just one year!

Most of that is because hamburger meat prices are up, but nothing on the list is cheaper than it was in 2023. Which is CRAZY!

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They compared data from over 150,000 stores across the country and looked at what you'd need for a basic cookout with burgers, dogs, and all of the basic condiments Here are all seven items, and what they'll cost the average American this year.

1.  Eight burgers:  $8.07, up 15%.

2.  Burger buns:  $3.06, up 1%.

3.  Eight all-beef hot dogs:  $3.15, no change.

4.  Eight hot dog buns:  $3.09, up 1%.

5.  A 32-ounce bottle of ketchup:  $5.53, up 2%.

6.  A 20-ounce bottle of mustard:  $2.61, up 3%.

7.  A 26-ounce bottle of relish:  $4.67, up 49%.  There's a big "pickle shortage" thanks to extreme weather in Mexico. So that might have something to do with it. But still, friggin' RELISH is up nearly 50%!! What's going on around here?!?


Here's a quick pro tip if you really like to grill, but you're not a billionaire: BOGO at United.

Seriously. Keep an eye out on their weekly ads (I get the emails and you can sign up for those too) and look for the 'buy one get one' specials they're always doing. They do BOGO pork ribs, ribeye, roast, chicken and more. It's a great way to save money and still stuff your face like caveman!

(Consumer Affairs)

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