Benjamin Franklin was credited for discovering electricity in 1752 with his famous kite experiment. And now only 272 years later, if your power is out, and you want answers, all you have to do is open your Whataburger app.

I'm not sure Ben would've seen that coming.


Here's the backstory: Hurricane Beryl has been pummeling Texas, and a lot of the Houston area has been without power. People are unable to get updates because the local outage tracker crashed from high demand.

Locals were left with no idea which parts of the city had power...until Whataburger.

Since there are so many Whataburger restaurants in southern Texas, people are able to use the app as a power outage tracker.

Check out a post here:

The Whataburger social media team even commented on the post and said, "Well that's a use for our app we didn't think of! We hope you and everyone else are okay."

Speaking of Hurricane Beryl, did you see the story of the Buc-ee's employees working right in the middle of the storm to fix a gas pump? It's WILD!

Then there was the story of all the horseflies to the Lone Star State. Horseflies love wet environments and rain, especially mud that they use to lay their eggs. The constant rainfall in parts of East Texas resulting from Hurricane Beryl have ramped up population expectations higher than what we've seen in years.

Hurricane Beryl Impacts Texas Coastline
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They're even saying that this is going to be the worst hurricane season in Texas history! The National Weather Service forecasts an exceptionally busy hurricane season this year from the Atlantic Ocean. In fact, they even go so far as to say that they're expecting up to 25 named storms with 13 having hurricane potential.

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