I was browsing the r/Texas subreddit on Reddit.com today and came across an interesting image, it's the front of a church with a projection of what I presume is a father and daughter holding hands with a caption that reads, "Daddy, you wouldn't vote for a rapist would you?"

See it here:

Meanwhile in Southlake...
byu/mgbgtv8 inDallas

The projection is on the side of Gateway Church in Dallas. Specifically Southlake. The projection was the work of a protester or group of protestors. The sleuths on Reddit couldn't agree on who exactly did it, but they all seem to believe it was 'protestors' one way or another since Donald Trump had previously spoken at the church in question.

But, it may not even be a Trump protest. Reddit user nononopers said, "I wish they would clarify that it’s in reference to Trump. There are way too many people that would twist this the other way around 🙄"

Which is possible...and sad really. To think that accusations and rumors of both party's candidates for President of the United States have some skeletons in (and out) of the closet is a sad truth of the country we live in now.

Another Reddit user, Vinesvibes12, said, "Funny how both sides assume it’s the other."

Also, if the church itself WAS endorsing a political candidate, they could lose their tax exempt status. So I'm 99% certain that this was the work of a protestor or group of protestors.

Either way, the image must have been pretty shocking for churchgoers and passersby alike. That's quite a statement to see blown up all over the side of a place of worship!

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