We looked at what house you can get in Lubbock vs Dallas for $1 million, but what about an even more expensive city like Los Angeles, California?

It is wild how different these two homes are. The LA home is still a nice house, but it would probably sell for around $200,000 here in Lubbock. I don't know about you, but I would much rather live in Lubbock than Los Angeles, and the differences in these houses really solidifies that.

What House $1 Million Gets you in Lubbock vs Los Angeles

Loom inside two homes selling for $1,000,000, but one is in Lubbock, Texas and the other is in Los Angele, California.

What House $1 Million Gets you in Lubbock vs Dallas

Let's compare two houses that are both listed for around the same price, but on is located in Lubbock and the other in Dallas.

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