A museum should be an educational experience always, but sometimes they can be very boring. These are those museums scattered across Texas.

Scroll Through to See Every Weird Museum in Texas

If you have ever been on a road trip, you have probably seen billboards for weird things to do in Texas. I legitimately don't know why anybody would want to stop any of these places I list below, but if you're interested. Let's get to it!

Cockroach Hall of Fame (Plano, Texas)

Let's get weird right off the bat. The Cockroach Hall of Fame was started by an exterminator who dresses cockroaches up as different famous people. If the FBI does not have this guy on some kind of a list already, I would be keeping an eye on him.

Toilet Seat Museum (Alamo Heights, Texas)

Want to see a bunch of different toilet seats? Well do we have the place for you. The Toilet Seat Museum has over ONE THOUSAND toilet seats on the property for you to go explore. It's apparently in some guy's garage, so you have to give him a call if you want to check it out.

National Museum of Funeral History (Houston, Texas)

Like I said at the beginning. Museums should be educational, but they can also be depressing. The Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. is not a fun experience, but you learn a lot there. Over in Houston, you learn about how you're prepared for death. Fun right?

Salt Palace (Grand Saline, Texas)

Here you learn about the history of salt in Grand Saline, Texas in a building made of salt blocks. Yes, you can literally lick the building and taste the salt. Yes, people actually do that here. Apparently if you do the tour, you get a salt crystal. So that's a plus.

Devil's Rope Museum (McLean, Texas)

Everyone has a passion for something and if you loved barbed wire. Boy do we have the place for you. The Devil's Rope Museum shows all the different types of barbed wire and fun fact. It's a lot more than you would think. They also go into the more gruesome history of barbed wire in prisons and wartime.

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If you know of any other weird museums in Texas. Shoot them my way. I love finding new places to check out in Texas.

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