Y'all got to learn to slow down!

Here's a little tip for you young drivers out there. If it hasn't rained in a long time, once it does start raining, the oil that has built up on the highway gets slick. Real slick.

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I'm assuming the person driving the Volkswagen Bug in the video at the bottom of this article did not know that. Well, she knows now.


Slow Down!

The video opens and we see the dashcam view of a car driving down a highway in Dallas and we can clearly see the roads are wet. A VW bug comes flying by the camera car and attempts to change lanes.


As the car starts veering towards the shoulder, the driver overcorrects, which is always the worst thing one can do. This starts the car spinning and it does a full one-hundred and eighty degree rotation ending up facing the wrong way towards traffic.

It's Your "Lucky" Day?

Luckily, the car slows to a stop and ends up on the side of the road with what appears to be little to no damage.

She might have a flat tire or a bent rim after that, but it could have been a lot worse.

Check out the entire video below:   


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