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From what I can tell, Samburgers is either about to close or already has (and it seems like the latter is the most likely). I saw multiple people post what they called their last Sambuger in the last week of February, although Facebook and Google say it's still open. Either way, it is no longer here to stay in Lubbock.

However, Lubbock has several other options for that special kind of burger. I'm talking greasy griddle, oozy cheese, unhinge your jaw to take a bite, absolutely naughty and absolutely LOCAL burgers. You know, those shiny bun burgers. So good.

Facebook via Christakis
Facebook via Christakis

I asked some experts (my friends) which "greasy spoon" burgers are their favorites in Lubbock, and I got back really great answers. I've also included the addresses and open hours so you can find the burger that suits you best.

With Sambugers Gone, Here Are Other Great Lubbock Local Burgers

Lubbock's original and long-time favorite Samburgers closed at the end of February 2023. Since Samburgers is gone, we've compiled a list of other great Lubbock local burgers. We are talking indulgent, naughty, mouth-watering REAL burgers here.

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