Elected officials with the help of local business leaders in the Rio Grande Valley have decided to work with their Mexican neighbors to rebrand themselves under a new name in hopes it will bring more visitors and investment capital to the area, which has been greatly affected by the negative perceptions of immigration and border patrol issues.

They've dubbed it the "RioPlex".

Marketing strategies for the RioPlex are to highlight the biggest assets in the region like the seven airports, 13 international bridges, millions of residents and university students, and the 4 seaports in northern Tamaulipas and the Valley.

The goal is to make the entire area much more attractive to outsiders and to help them get rid of bad blood and any stigmas associated with the region that have lingered for decades and made it a less than favorable place for tourism and commerce to outsiders. While each area in the RioPlex has its upsides, bringing them all together under a new name allows them to showcase a wide variety of positive reasons to visit, move there, and open new businesses.

I think it sounds like a great idea. Maybe a rebrand is exactly what they need to help get things moving in a better direction. What do you think? If you're from the RioPlex, I'd love to hear your opinion. Drop me a comment on this article wherever you come across it and then keep scrolling for more Texas-based news in the galleries below...

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