I think most people can relate: sometimes you get so busy with work, school, the kids, or just life in general that you find yourself ravenously hungry and reaching for just about anything.

Luckily for my tastebuds, my health, and my wallet, I discovered the most delicious grab-and-go sandwich available in town. It comes in a tasty pair, so you can satiate your big hunger, have a second sandwich for later, or even share it with a friend.

Boar's Head Pretzel Sandwich Duos are tasty heated or cold and are available at Lubbock area United and Market Street locations.

I mean, look at this thick, real cheddar from my sandwich today:

Renee Raven
Renee Raven

You can grab a couple of mustard and/or mayo packets, but I frequently find myself enjoying them "dry" because Boar's Head carries only high-quality meats and cheeses that pack a ton of flavor and never feel "dry" on your palate. And the pretzel bun is better than just any bread- it also packs a ton of flavor.

Sometimes when I opt for something as sensible as a salad or sandwich, I end up with immediate plate jealousy. I could have had a hamburger or pizza! But these sandwiches are no compromise- they'll have you forgetting and forgoing fast food for sure.

Normally, these sandwich packs are $6.99, which makes each satisfying sandwich about $3.50, a much better deal than that sandwich shop that used to sell by foot but now sells by mere inches.

However, today (6/11/24) they were $2 off making them only $4.99 for two or $2.50 each for high-quality meat, cheese, and bread.

The sale will last a little while longer, but not forever, so you might want to take this chance to try the best grab-and-go sandwich in Lubbock for an even better deal.

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