First off, I feel like I need to apologize to the woman whose picture I used for this article. Stock image woman, you are probably a very lovely, cool, intelligent and adventurous woman and I'm sorry I'm using you to represent of a large group of people in Lubbock I just can't begin to understand...

...that is, people who only ever eat a chain restaurants. Who hurt you? Why are you like this?

Photo by Jens Lindner on Unsplash
Photo by Jens Lindner on Unsplash

Trust me, I do understand that some folks have medical conditions, allergies or extreme food aversions that require very particular menus. I am not talking about people who fall into these categories.

I also should add the caveat that I don't hate chain restaurants either- and I know they employ local people. And some chains here in Lubbock just get it right every time or really do offer something special- I'm looking at you Red Robin and Twin Peaks.

But there is a type that is plentiful in Lubbock- they go out to eat constantly, and they only ever go to places for which there are dozens to thousands of the exact same thing all over the world. There is a high overlap of this person with another type I don't understand- people who order their steaks well done in a restaurant.

Do you eat there because there's one in Dallas and you wish you lived there? I mean, take the leap and live where you wish. Do you think local places are less clean or more inept? That's deeply untrue, and lucky for everyone, food inspection reports are public information. Is it because you have a baby palate and don't want to try anything new? Many, many local places have chicken tenders. You'll be fine.

Of course, it's your money, your mouth, and your life. I just personally don't understand it, and I hope one day you broaden your horizons- you may find a local place you can't get enough of.

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