I posted a simple question, and the answers were amazing.

I hit up social media with a simple ask, "Tell me what you'd do to improve Lubbock". The response was absolutely amazing and it gives you a real idea about what people's concerns are.  I found the answers to actually be a bit heart-warming because they share some real concerns and some really thought-out ways people would like to change the community.

Below are some answers that need to be considered by our City/County Government, private businesses, and by other residents. The comments are very real, and I would think very helpful.

K. Ochoa-Provide more for the homeless community! My problem is that I don’t have much to begin with...

R.Raven-More trees/ green spaces

C. Headley-Require a semester of driver’s education like we had to have. Simulators, then practical lab with the most stressed-out teacher on the planet, then the stress of having to pass the class to get to have a license.

N.Harpster-Re-pave/asphalt the entire city. These potholes and rough roads are getting ridiculous.

J.Harper-A kindness campaign

N.Harpster-Make proper water drainage. There’s no reason a city this size should flood like a mining town in the 1800s.

D. Walcher-More help for mental health. A lot of people just fall through the cracks
In my opinion, if mental health were addressed more then the homeless population wouldn't be as big as it is

V.Spears-More public art (murals, sculptures, etc) and pics of cowboys and Buddy Holly don’t count lol

A.Naraka-Less golf courses. More thriving parks full of greenery and trees. The beer garden also should be bigger

A.Baugh-Waste management needs bulk item pick up day/s - things you need picked up are stacked neatly on front curb. Limiting the number of items might be necessary, but anything will help.
K.Day-More family oriented things, and not things that cost over $100 for a family of 4 to do

V.Spears-Focus on fixing up the east side. Lubbock is not very big- there’s no reason any part of the town should be neglected

R.Garcia-Clean up the parks in the northside. Show some love. Bring some shit to the east side (there are worse parts of town). Speaking of worse parts of town….Burn down 65th st. Start from scratch.

V.Spears-A public splash pad

M. Brock-Make it more widely known that my Google says Lubbock is in the top 2% of highest crime cities.

Larry Ward Jr.Mmake another amusement park "sad about Joyland Amusement Park "

H.Smith-Bring back basic human decency.

A. Eppler-What if they encourage development in the city by renaming the worst kept Street in Lubbock after a city Council person every five years? It’ll be half punishment and half point of pride, depending on how they clean up the city or don’t lol. 

L.Sandvick-Public Splash Pads, A Children’s Museum, more fitness parks. More accessible recycling.

J.Trocchio-Put antidepressants in the public water supply

J.Allen-Make improvements to grocery stores east of University.

P.Thompson-A recycling program like every modern city has.

J.Allen-Reopen city pools without sacrificing the new splash pads.

C.Long-Put proper stormwater drainage systems in!!

J.Black-Get the east side a new and improved grocery store

A.Alvarado-An affordable water park

E. Covington-I have to agree on the water drainage stuff. As a small car driver, I am exhausted every time I see the rain in the forecast

C.Vecchio-FREE Driver’s education courses!!!

M.Terrell-An awesome arcade hall would be amazing!

Z.Jōbb-Take care of all the streets/park areas east of University as well as they do in Lakeridge and everything west of University Ave. I travel all over this city while working and there is a definite divide once you get past University going east. The further east you go, the more dilapidated the city gets.

A.Charney-More commonplace art throughout, not just in certain areas of the city or indoors. More places of community tolerance. Sex education. More diverse/cultured population. A botanical garden of sorts? Case in point purposeful nature done and maintained by the city.

D.Landry-Lower the city’s share of the sales tax and work to get a pro baseball team.

A. Burkett-Public toilets down town

T.Benefield-Family housing at Tech for single parents!

C.Jakstas-Put in some waterways and TREES- good ones not those locust trees or bean trees.‍♂️

A.Whittle-A real recycling program with pickup once a week like other cities. Fix their glass recycling machine. It was so cool!

A.Whittle-Also, they should STOP tearing down historical buildings!

• Make housing actually affordable
• Raise local minimum wage
• Reopen and add more the public pools
• Renovate downtown
• Make outreach programs far more accessible
• Expand the local animal shelter
• Repave the roads, ONE AT A TIME (looking at you, 19th, 4th, AND Ave Q)

D.Wilson-Restore the historical buildings

J.Walden-Bring back a hockey rink

J.Helton-Forget loops around, we need a north-south expressway

J.Helton-Public parks south of 98th Street.

M.Morgan-Allow FMX DJs to play whatever songs they want on air!


E.Howard-I would like to see more kindness between others we meet every day, instead of the "What you lookin at" mentality! Love to all!

S.Xombie-My 5-year goal is to open an animal rescue.

N.Ramirez-Move the industrial, asthma-causing shit from the north and east side.

H.Baird-A variety of cactuses growing literally everywhere. They’re taking over. We can’t see anything but cactuses and one has to try and find the building hidden behind them.

J.Howard-Put more effort into the grounds at the City of Lubbock Cemetery.

W.Singleton-Distribute funds and resources evenly through all neighborhoods.

B.Henson-The city needs to put a lot of effort into making itself more pedestrian friendly. Better sidewalks and walking paths, better public transportation, etc.

B.Ellis-Seek out more events, activities/shows to come into town that are focused on adult interests.

K.Rangel-Trees and parks and rivers and nature everything is so media here to me

T.Hamil-The roads! More mental health opportunities for children, and all in all!

G.Morgen-I’d wish to improve the garden at the arboretum, a community center worth attending would be cool, the kids on the east side have nothing to do, so maybe like open the public pools back up.. Joyland was a hard hit.. so like another amusement park would be nice. Repair and improve 34th Street and bring brick-and-mortar small businesses back./ without killing em with rent

E.Foster-Improve the city's public transportation system.

A.Marbles-Add some mountains, maybe a river or two, and a beach wouldn't hurt

W.Brazil-Free driving lessons!

S.Youngblood-Finish the damn construction on 19th past Quaker alllll the way down to the depot district

L.Butcher-More developed downtown with locally owned shops

S.Montgomery-If I had the money, I would've bought Joyland and continued it.

S.Ríos-Make it a more walkable and bikable city.

O.Hernandez-Make downtown look beautiful..so when people go south and northbound it will captivate them to stop and build our economy in the town.

D.Achin-Let wildflowers be for the

L.Mata-Community gardens.

A. Lunae-More family type places. Even just a nice park like most larger cities have (since Lubbock seems to be determined to get big like that). Community centers upgraded & actually used for their intended purposes
An amusement park (I miss Joyland)
More of an actual shopping district. Downtown used to be filled with neat boutiques & shops, so did the mall.
Now it's all restaurants, bars, gas stations, liquor stores, smoke shops, & abandoned buildings
Affordable housing
More power companies (faster please)

M.Mapes-More funding and facilities for mental Healthcare, expanded medical clinic.
Repeal any discriminatory ordinances and pass protections for minority groups.
More incentives to small businesses.
Higher pay for municipal employees.
Rent caps.

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