Oops! A couple of teenagers in Midland, Texas drove a Lincoln MKZ sedan into the duck pond at Wadley Barron Park last Monday morning. They reportedly hopped the curb and ended up submerged in the water.

According to CBS7, the driver, a 17-year-old girl tried to run away on foot but was located only a block away after the accident. Both of the teens were treated for minor injuries at the hospital.

There isn't any word on exactly what happened to land the pair in the lake, but the story reminded me of something that happened to a friend of mine years ago. She was driving near a park at sunset and somehow ended up doing the same thing. She accidentally hopped the curb, and into the lake, she went. She was able to get out, but she immediately panicked at the thought of how furious her dad would be. Luckily, she didn't have to run from the scene. Some friends in the back seat pushed the car out of the water before they passed the point of no return.

If you ever get stuck in a car submerged in water, here's what you need to remember:

- Stay calm! Panicking is not going to help the situation.

-Open the windows immediately when the car hits the water (if possible) and then unbuckle your seatbelt.

-If you can't the window open, move to the rear of the vehicle and try to roll the backseat windows down. If that fails, grab a shoe or any kind of heavy tool and do your best to break the window.

- Climb out and swim to safety. Don't lie to the cops. They are going to figure out what happened one way or another. They've seen it all. If you're afraid your parents are going to freak out, just remember that cars are replaceable. You are not! They'll just be glad you made it out, even if they are a little ticked off about the car...

Hopefully, the teens aren't in too much trouble!

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