Here's one word you never hear after someone drinks Lubbock water....Yum!

Image by Jean-Louis SERVAIS from Pixabay
Image by Jean-Louis SERVAIS from Pixabay

Lubbock Water

I haven't heard too many people say they enjoy the taste of Lubbock water, but yes, I have heard a few. I suppose if you got kicked in the pants every day and one day you didn't, you might miss it a bit, meaning you can get used to pretty much anything. I'm going to settle for the fact that it's not terrible, but it's certainly not good.

It's Good

There's some good news in all of this. The quality of Lubbock water is good. It may not taste good, it may leave some deposits around, but as far as the official metrics they use to judge water, Lubbock is doing okay. So what does this mean? It means that Lubbock meets or exceeds the standards set by the various agencies out there.

We'll Take It

Lubbock is fortunate to have agreements in place that bring water into the Hub City. We are a semi-arid climate and that green grass you see here and there (but certainly not everywhere) is not a natural occurrence. Our water treatment plants take it from there and bring the water up to code to come out of your tap.

Other Places

Again, it's hard to "yuck" the local water when we are fortunate to have it. I can tell you I once stayed in Oklahoma and all of the water I encountered smelled strongly of Sulphur. I can't even remember if it was well water or not, but it's a great reminder to be thankful for what you have and the people who work hard to bring it to you.

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