We all know that sometimes it seems like a war zone on Lubbock streets, but what if I could tell you the most likely place to die on the road in Lubbock?

While researching the "Deadliest Roads In Texas" I found a subtable that had some information about Lubbock on it. Fortunately, we don't have one of the most deadly roads in Texas, but we certainly have a number of traffic fatalities around here.

It helps to know where to drive around town and the places where people are most likely to make mistakes. My favorite two examples are the Loop offramp facing the South Plains Mall (just so much congestion and a fairly quick deceleration) and the four-way stop where the Loop and the Interstate meet in north Lubbock. If you don't watch yourself especially close in those areas you could be in for some trouble.

So here's the big reveal: the deadliest highway in Lubbock County is U.S. 84. According to the aforementioned table, the road was responsible for 16 fatal crashes during the survey period of 2018-2020. Most of the deaths were related to drunk driving (39) and speeding (32) with distracted driving bringing up the rear (10).

In case you don't remember road names, that is the highway that takes you from Lubbock to Shallowater (and Slaton on the other side of the city). As for the survey period mentioned, it's the road you're most like to die on. This is more than enough reason to be extra, extra careful if you have any business out that way.

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