An enormous hailstone that fell to earth near Happy Texas, may be the largest hailstone ever recorded inside Texas.

It may even be the biggest hailstone in United States history if it can beat the mammoth two-pounder found in South Dakota in 2010, but that's unlikely.

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The hailstone, described as melon-sized but photographed next to a pineapple (a type of berry- believe it or not) was found by storm chasers near Vigo Park in the Texas Panhandle.


It makes one wonder how many gigantic hailstones weren't found by storm chasers and melted without getting famous.

This hailstone will potentially take weeks of precise scientific measurement to determine if it will take the state record, but in the meantime, we can admire its size and beauty. It formed to look a lot like a crystal, and it's quite lovely for something as mundane as a hailstone.

The current reigning champion hailstone was discovered in April 2021 in Hondo, Texas. It was nearly 6.5 inches across.

Are hailstones getting bigger or are we just better at recording them? Likely, the answer is the latter, but a new size classification "DVD sized"  for 5" in diameter is now being used in hailstorm warnings.

Hailstones are caused when strong updrafts carry raindrops into higher, colder air, causing them to freeze, and cause an average estimated damage of one billion dollars to property and crops every year. Hailstones can cause bruising, concussions and even (very rarely) death, which is why it is important to take proper precautions during hailstone warnings.

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