If you've been in denial about the change in seasons, then get ready for a reality check.

In West Texas, Lubbock in particular, it's been "barely Fall". Yes, we had that one really super cold terrible day in October, but things have been so mild it's been hard to think of it as full-on Fall. Of course, the winds picked up yesterday with a bit of a chill in the air, so Fall is finally recognizable in West Texas.

So, how is it we go from Fall to Winter in less than a week? It's the crazy West Texas weather is the best answer to that question. In fact, Fall to Winter in a week is nothing around here, I've seen it go from Summer to Winter in a day! Nothing surprises any Lubbock, Texas resident when it comes to winter.

As of Monday morning, our forecast is calling for a 35% chance of a.m. snow showers this Saturday morning. The good news is that it should only be a preview of this Winter's coming attractions. We'll actually bounce from the low 50s on Friday, to the chance of snow and 43 on Saturday, and then back up to 46 and Sunday and the low 50s on Monday (yup, just enough of a dip to ruin some weekend plans).

If it does snow it will probably be very light and gone very quickly. I seriously doubt we'll be seeing anybody making snowmen as they wrap up their Thanksgiving weekend. It also shouldn't negatively affect driving conditions too much. With the weather staying above freezing, the snow should not stick. Of course, any moisture and or problems with visibility means you should slow down, but it should prove to be very temporary.

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