Blazing Bouncers (11401 US 87) is addressing concerns expressed on social media after an incident occurred at their facility. Last Sunday (May 21, 2023) a 60-year-old man attempted to leave the building with a 13-year-old. He was not a member of any party inside the facility and had been in the building in an attempt to sell items like belts and shoes. It is important to note that the man was not successful, was approached by an employee, and was subsequently arrested.

Blazing Bounces has been transparent about the incident and recounted the details on social media. They were subsequently met with many comments and reactions on their Facebook post. The business obviously read and took seriously the feedback given, and has since publically laid out a plan to address those concerns.

We would like to take a moment and hopefully start to answer some concerns that many of our customers have concerning our facility. The first answer is absolutely YES we are looking at putting in place additional and extra safety protocols.

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Those additional and extra safety protocols include:

Installing a new gate system at their front entrance. The exit will be one-way to prevent people from bypassing the front counter.


No guests without an invitation or registered admittance will be allowed to enter.

Every individual will have to wear a wristband they receive at the front desk. Individuals without one will be removed.

Paid security personnel during busy times.


This seems like quite a big response, and I commend the business for enacting it. The ability to hear constructive critiques and act upon them is not only a good business practice- it's how to be a good human being.

The post also mentioned multiple expansions for Blazing Bouncers. I hope that their continued dedication to safety translates to even more success for this popular Lubbock business.

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