Divorce is never an easy thing to do, or go through, in Texas or anywhere else. If a child is involved, it can make things even worse. Not only will there be rulings on who gets what based on who did what in the marriage, there is also a fight for who will retain custody of the child and when the other parent can be with that child. There is lots of emotional trauma in the aftermath of a divorce. That is probably what lead to this tragic story that has come to us out of San Antonio, Texas.

Savannah Kriger and Kaiden Kriger

On March 19, the bodies of 32-year-old Savannah Kriger and 3-year-old Kaiden Kriger were found at Tom Slick Park in San Antonio. Both were found with gunshot wounds. The medical examiner's report was released on Tuesday, May 7, which ruled this a murder-suicide. During a news conference, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar was able to present a timeline of events for that day.

On March 18, Savannah Kriger left her place of employment around lunch time and traveled to her ex-husband's house. There she did some damage to his clothes, furniture and some other items in his home. She then left and went to her home. Here she laid out her wedding dress and wedding photos on the bed and shot the photos.

Ominous Calls

After this, Savannah picked up their 3-year-old son, Kaiden, from daycare. She called her ex-husband through FaceTime and said, in part, in the recorded conversation, "You don’t have anything to go home to now. You really don’t. You don't have anything at the Dovers Den house, either. And you won’t have anything at all at the end of today.”

The ex-husband calls 911 after this phone call then goes to his house. Around this same time, Savannah arrives at Tom Slick Park in San Antonio and attempts to call her ex-husband again through FaceTime but he doesn't answer. She sends a text message saying "Say goodbye to your son."

She then records a video of her and Kaiden, instructing him to say "goodbye to daddy." After this recording, she takes Kaiden's life and then takes her own.

Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar held a 20 minute news conference with all the details in this case:

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