We know that scams take place in Texas just like every other state in the country, but there is a new tactic that is being used that could make you lose everything you’ve worked for. It’s horrible that people work this hard to try and scam others out of their own money, but it’s the reality of the situation. And I want to make sure you’re aware, so you don’t become a victim. 

Texas Text Scam

There is a new scam going around that could wipe out your entire bank account after just a couple clicks. According to CNET, scammers are getting more tech savvy and now using AI to create messages that seem trustworthy like they were coming from your own bank to scam you.  

New Technology Being Used to Scam 

These new scams are mostly through text where the scammer will try to convince you that you just need to click one thing. But that one simple click is all the scammer needs to have access to your bank account. This is why you must be careful with any text message you receive where you’re unsure who sent it to you. 

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Red Flag Scam Warnings to Watch Out 

The Better Business Bureau has some tips to help make sure you don’t become another scam victim which include: 

  • Scammers often send messages from a 10-digit number or email address. 
  • A link is included in the text message you’re sent, usually banks only ask for a yes or no reply. 
  • A bank website URL sent to you has additional characters. 

Do not click on anything about banking unless you’re certain it came from your banking intuition. One wrong click and everything you’ve worked for could be gone.  

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