The state needs to do what they can to fix this before it gets worse.

A study from Southern Methodist University in Dallas shows that a 4,000-mile section of West Texas is sinking. Radar shows sections of Midland to Reeves County are sinking as much as 40 inches in just two and a half years. Southern Methodist University believes it has to deal with abandoned natural gas and oil wells.

If the state doesn't do something, this will end up costing them millions of dollars. Roads, bridges and underground pipelines will need to be redone to deal with the sinking surface. "We are enjoying the lower price of hydrocarbon but on the other hand we have to be aware those activities can produce ground surface deformation," said SMU Geophysics Professor Zhong Lu.

The state and the owners of those previous wells need to go in and properly reseal those wells. The study says that should help prevent more sinking.

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