On Monday's edition of The Chad Hasty Show, Texas District 83 Representative Dustin Burrows joined the show to talk about the upcoming 85th Texas Legislature convening on January 10, 2017, details on some bills that have already been filed, and other items on the agenda.

One of the bills Burrows has filed removes the licensing fee charged by Texas for citizen's License To Carry handguns (LTC). Burrows said,

We charge as much as almost any other state for a new CHL (Concealed Handgun License) [now called LTC] license, or for the renewal thereof. And so my bill says, 'Let's get rid of it.' There's already a ton of exceptions out there, whether it's for military veterans, people over the age of sixty, a lot of different exemptions. And so what I want to say is: All of us deserve an exemption. It's very expensive. This is a Constitutional right, the right of self protection. Society gets a benefit from having licensed CHL holders around, in case bad things were to happen.

Burrows continued, saying,

Background checks would still be in place, all of those things still in place. We're just removing the fees. It would go into the DPS budget, and we'd all have a little easier time getting a [LTC] license.

Burrows and Hasty also discussed the possibility of 'constitutional carry', 'sanctuary cities', health care and health insurance, agricultural bills, Child Protective Service and foster care of children.

On the topic of sanctuary cities, Burrows said,

You can't have cities go rogue. You can't have cities that basically decide that, 'Ah we're going to ignore law, and we're going to do whatever we want.' I mean that's no respect for the rule of law, and they don't get to do that.

Listen to the entire interview with Representative Dustin Burrows in the video above.

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