Wednesday on The Chad Hasty Show guest host Steve Evans was joined by premium cigar maker Don Collins from the Puerto Rico Tobacco Corporation, to talk about tobacco, cigars and cigar manufacturing.

Collins and Evans, along with Collin's sons Anthony and Jonathan, discussed the history of growing, exporting and manufacturing tobacco and cigars, then delved extensively into the topic of chemical use and fumigation of cigars and tobacco, and how Don Collins cigars are a different product.

While talking about the history and connections of tobacco and Puerto Rico, Don Collins said,

A lot of people don't realize it, but Puerto Rico was the fifth largest exporter of tobacco right up until 1957. I think between 1929 and 1937 PR was regularly exporting 35 million tons of tobacco a year. And that came from the Indian roots, the Arawak Indians [that] Anthony [Collins] was talking about. They grew everything, all the tobacco from what's now known as Cuba, all the way down to what's now known as Aruba.

Also discussed was the new United States FDA regulations impacting the cigar industry, as well as how to get Don Collins cigars, and the special offers that they make.

You may find out much more information about Don Collins cigars and the company by visiting their website.

Listen to Steve's entire interview with Don, Anthony and Jonathan Collins in the video above.

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